Summer/Winter Preparation



Our dogs really suffer in the heat. I am sure when you look at our videos you see the big white plastic tanks that we use for kennels, these are good because they are water and drought proof. We need to buy more and more of them to help our dogs stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In Egypt, there is no such thing as cool in the summer but we can help them to get out of the sun.
950 Egyptian pounds will buy one tank that will house 3 dogs.
$55 US will buy a place for 3 dogs to be out of the rain.
46 Euros will buy a place for 3 dogs to lie in comfort during the long hot days.
£40 sterling will help our arthritic dogs to be off the damp floor.
If you are in Cairo we can collect from your workplace or home, just drop us a private message with your telephone number and a landmark
If you are overseas and would like to purchase a kennel to help the dogs, we have 
PAYPAL: [email protected] (use Friends & Family option only).

Thank you for thinking of our dogs this summer.