Friday Dog Walks



Dog walks start during the winter months at 1.30 PM. In the hot summer weather, we have to wait until the temperatures become more bearable for dogs and humans, at around 3.00 PM.










Friday is a very special day for the residents of ESMA Dog Shelter. Friday is Dog Walk Day. For the dogs At ESMA, it is not easy to learn how to walk on a leash. With 700+ dogs, the shelter is more than full. There is no empty space for dogs to learn leash manners quietly and slowly. That is why only a part of the friendly and lovely ESMA dogs have this opportunity. But those who know the walks outside of the shelter with human friends are waiting every Friday impatiently for their half hour or so of being a companion dog with a special person’s attention. Donations of leashes, collars, and harnesses make it possible for an even greater number of them to have this special adventure.










Everybody who likes to walk with a four or three legged new furry friend and make a shelter dog very happy is invited to join our walks. Our usual way leads us on a dirt road along a small canal, which is not very clean and littered with garbage on one side, but on the other side beautiful villas with parks and flowers and blossoms spreading over the walls. The contrasts of Egypt, far from a well groomed doggie park. At the end of our way, our turning point, we can admire the Pyramids of Abou Seer, which we can even visit with our dogs at times when the weather and the entrance fees allow.













One run takes about half an hour and, since there are often not many visitors taking part, we go as many times as possible to take as many of the dogs out as we can.

To really enjoy these walks, you have to be dressed properly in the oldest pants and sneakers since our dogs show their enthusiasm and love sometimes by jumping up at you and giving sloppy dog kisses. They are not trained, but they show their feelings clearly, so clothes might suffer.

You can join the walks at whatever time you wish and for as long as you wish. Walks stop shortly before sundown.










Our visitors are mostly ex-pats, but also young Egyptians take part. On most Fridays the visitors vary. There are some families with older children coming as often as possible.

The dogs who are walking on the leash know when the leashes are put up and they are waiting, pressing their noses through the wire at the gate to the big sand place at ESMA. The sweet Amigo jumps into his harness, which he so proudly wears, howling and calling with his donkey voice, when he is afraid to be overlooked. Little Reham, the GSD-baladi mix girl, is jumping like a rubber ball in her kennel. She just has to be one of the first walkers otherwise she could hurt herself at the kennel door. The tripods are eager to prove that they have as much energy as the four-legged ones. The glances of those who could not be taken on one day is just heartbreaking.

A dog walk with our wonderful shelter dogs is for many a very touching experience which they enjoy and like to repeat. We invite you to come take part every Friday at the ESMA Dog Shelter. 

– Heidi Tallat