Be a Flight Parent

We are always looking for flight parents to Europe and the USA

Being a flight parent is simple and greatly helps ESMA continue to save more animals. We like to say that not only did you save the animals you transported but you also made room at the shelters for more to come in. With adoption rates so low in Egypt, it is critical that we are able to send dogs and cats to rescues and homes in other parts of the world to give them the lives they deserve. Acting as a flight parent drastically reduces the cost of sending animals on a plane and it ensures they get to their destination safely.

The best part about being a flight parent is you really don’t even have to do anything! Simply contact ESMA before your trip to Cairo, or if you live in Egypt contact us before departing to wherever you’re going, and we will handle everything else. 













This is all you will need to do:

  • Show up at the airport and meet one of our representatives who will have the paperwork for the animals to be transported.
  • With the assistance of our representative, claim the animals as yours at the baggage drop off. You won’t have to move the animals through the airport. You won’t even see the animals again until you land at your final destination.
  • We ask that you please ask a crew member to confirm your animals are on the plane before departure. 
  • When you arrive at your final destination you will pick up the animals in the baggage area. With paperwork in hand there will be no hassle clearing customs. 
  • There will be a representative of the animal rescue we coordinated with waiting for you outside the airport to take the animals to their new lives. 


It’s that simple. Please consider acting as a flight parent before your next trip to or from Cairo. ESMA and the animals appreciate all the help we can get.

Contact Mona Khalil at [email protected] or 01222188823 or Bahra Fahmy at [email protected]