About ESMA

What is The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals?

The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) is a registered Egyptian NGO (No. 3059/2007) formed in late 2007. ESMA actively works to improve animal welfare in Egypt for all animals, including street dogs and cats, working animals such as donkeys, horses and camels, wildlife, animals in the Cairo zoo, those sold in pet shops and live animal markets, and all animals slaughtered for food. ESMA operates two no-kill shelters and adoption centers in Egypt, and is also involved whenever possible in ongoing campaigns, initiatives, and advocacy activities to promote animal welfare issues in Egypt.


What we do

Here are some of the ways we work to improve the conditions for Egypt’s animals:

  • Animal shelter for cats and dogs:  ESMA currently runs a facility, in Sakkara, Giza that houses 1,350 rescued dogs and 638 cats.  We admit animals who are in need of assistance due to severe injury, abuse, and neglect, and we provide them with food, shelter and basic medical care as we prepare them for adoption.
  • Support for the working animals of Giza: Since the Egyptian revolution began in February 2011,  ESMA has been feeding and treating the starving and sick horses in Nezlet Al-Samman, near the Giza pyramids, whose owners have been devastated by the drop in tourism. Between 300-500 horses receive enough food for a week to ten days at each feeding.
  • Adoption campaigns:  ESMA actively works to find adoptive homes for our animals both locally and internationally. The ESMA Adoption Campaign page on Facebook posts pictures of each rescued animal looking for a loving home.
  • Policy, advocacy and awareness: ESMA takes every opportunity to advocate for animals, whether through supporting the enforcement of animal welfare legislation in Egypt, campaigning against the government’s policy of killing street animals by means of shooting and poisoning, and raising awareness and seeking a solution to the conditions of the animals in Egypt’s zoos, as well as other education and awareness activities about animal welfare.

How can I help the Animals?

ESMA relies entirely on donations and contributions from supporters both in Egypt and abroad to keep going. Your time, resources, and expertise are vital to us and to the animals we serve. To find out more about how you can get involved, please visit our How to Help page or contact us at [email protected]