New Shelter

After 11 long years of caring for our 1200+ animals in our current ESMA shelter, decisions have been made that are out of our control which have forced us to search for a new location and to move each and every one of our animals to a new, safe place.
The lease on our shelter is finishing and the landlord has decided to TRIPLE the rent if we wish to remain. This is impossible! We must all leave by October, October this year, we have 4 months before we must move. 
We have searched high and low, near and far and have managed to find a large piece of land that could accommodate all our animals. But it is just that, land. No buildings, no kennels, no protection, just one big piece of land. 
The biggest fight for our existence has started: we must build a shelter for 1200 animals and it must be ready by October or we cannot even finish this sentence. We are truly afraid.
Every donation, every penny, every cent, every share, every single thing matters. Every single donation will bring us closer to re-saving our 1200+ dogs, cats and 3 donkeys. 
For € 500 you can sponsor the construction of a dog kennel or cat room, we will put a small plaque on the room with your name on to show our deep gratitude and so that no one will ever forget how you helped to save the animals. 
This fundraiser is our biggest yet and will determine whether or not we continue to exist. 
Please, please help us.
With much love and hope,


Bank rekening: 
George Animal Foundation
IBAN: NL95 ABNA 0457 5064 31 

[email protected]


First house is sponsor by Anne-Marie Verhoeven in memory of her family Gebr. Verhoeven. € 500,-

Second house is sponsor by George Animal Foundation € 500,-

Third house is sponsor Makram and el Helga El Mankabadi € 500,-

Fourth Unit or house: Lillian Olech
Plaque to be: “Lillian Olech in loving memory of Dr. Eli Olech and Lilyan Anaya Olech, great animal lovers”.

Fifth unit: Gemma Smith heeft 500,00 EUR naar u overgemaakt.

Sixt unit: 
Rose Dixon

Unit 6: 
Rose Dixon
I have just sent £500 GBP paypal to you. Please confirm you have received it. Donation from Rose V.Dixon (my late mother and me)

Unit 7: Anne Schuster cash in Cairo. 10.000le

Unit 8: Zoe Smit € 500,- paypal

Unit 9: Mrs. Wael € 500,- euro received by bank

Unit 10.Emily Gardener: € 500,- For the new shelter in 
memory of Tibbs and honor of our Egyptian kitty crew!

Unit 11: Naila Britain-Callahan 600$ This is for ESMA to provide a kennel. I would like the plaque to be in the the memory and name of Bahia Mouftah.

Unit 12 dog unit:
..I have sent 500 euros for a kennel in the new shelter (from our auction) .Linda Newman it is In Memory of Tonks (Tonks is the girl who we first saw & wanted to help , the black one in the photo ..sadly she died before we could bring her to UK ..but will never forget her & she has helped other dogs )

Unit 13: Julie Dodd 549,31 EUR
quote For a cat room – “In Memory of Ivi and Ivo” please

Unit 14: Donated by GAF fans Thanks Lia Vels.

Unit 15 $ 16 Donated by anoniem donors.

Unit 17: For a shelter at the new ESMA. Place let the plaque read: “Chapter Two” by Alinda van Geffen

Unit 18: to be name in Memory of Medi-Maus donated by Margaret and Tom from Germany.

Unit 19: Connie Davis donated 500 euro for doghouse with the name of her lovely Esma dog RONAN#

Unit 20: Tillian clifford for one kennel in honor of Charlie the dog she adopted

Unit 21: Angela lebateau In loving memory of basha&bloom

Unit 22: Katrin Aleff New Esma Shelter, Cat Room, MeiaMeia

Unit 23: Charlotte Bruun for Big Boy.

Unit 24: Just donated 500 euro via Paypal for the new ESMA shelter (for a cat room if possible). Plaque to read:

“In honour of our gorgeous cat, Riley, rescued by ESMA”

[Or simply “Riley” if that is too long for the plaque!]

Many thanks, Naomi & Paul, Glasgow.

Unit 25: Chris Woodling

Unit 26: Josh Hines/Tidball’s/Bass Invaders/Dos Cobros/FFOYA/The Pretty Okays/Bowling Green, KY