FOXY had a narrow escape from being poisoned, no place to go, and now, he is with us, and needs a sponsor. Look at FOXY! Isn’t he beautiful?
The name is Harry, or some call me Fons. A long term ESMA resident. He's an interesting guy. Scruffy and with three legs. Very sweet.
Milka and Nutella, these two beautiful pure bred girls, were left behind in an empty apartment. Nobody wanted them, and, instead of just being thrown away into the streets to perish, they were at least quickly dropped at ESMA dog shelter. Both sisters are beauties and have a lovely disposition. They are playful, loving, both just the sweetest darlings.
Wiggles, that’s her name, and that is what she does! Wiggles, as those, who visit the ESMA dog shelter know, is the dog with the twisty backside! Wiggles wiggles like Fifi Abdou (famous belly dancer) in her best times! Around 4 years old.
Darcy is Joshephine’s equivalent in blond. They are about the same age, the same temperament. Both are just a matching pair, sleeping together, eating together, playing together, just being inseparable. Wouldn’t it just be right, to start these two girls off on style, by getting them adopting them at the same time?
Josephine is such a cute lovely puppy girl, playful, and a little bit shy.
Look at the pictures and feast your eyes on TED, a hunk of a gorgeous boy! I heard once a visitor say, TED was the most beautiful dog, he ever saw!
VINCENT is such a sweet boy! He immediately loves everybody and wants to be friends with all the dogs!
NAPOLEON ( short form is POLO) is an absolute biggie, not in body size, but certainly in spirit! POLO is a white Griffon boy, but POLO is absolutely no lap dog! Sitting pretty and begging for treats … no, no, no, not for our POLO! This little guy is running with the pack, with the big boys! He is absolutely fearless, keeping up with the leaders, having his place among them!
This is Tina, a lovely, small little lady, around 3 years old. Tina is a small dog with a big personality, absolutely enchanting. Little Tina has won the heart of every visitor at the cat shelter. She is just great, an ideal little girl.
This is Sondoz, a lovely girl, around two years old, very friendly and kind. She wears a heart on her forehead.
This is Diego, a lovely GSD boy with a horrible history. Diego came to the shelter after someone had hit him on his head with a hammer! He has recovered and now displays his beautiful personality. After his experience, he is still a little shy and scared of people he doesn't know, but very affectionate and loving when he gets to know you. He is participating in dog walks and he is an excellent walking partner. Diego is a great, wonderful dog and would deserve a very loving home, where he can feel safe, loved, and forget all about what happened to him before.
Young boy, 2 years maximum of age. Lively and friendly. Good looking!
Black and handicapped, sweet Tommy is not the first choice of many adopters. This boy's estimated age could be 3 to 4 years, and he has kept his amazing friendly personality. Although his rear legs are not working well any more, he is getting around on them OK. I don't know his history, but his handicap looks like an accident, which left him at least not paralyzed. Tommy is a lovely, affectionate dog, and I am sure, although he probably has never seen a home, he would do wonderfully with a family, who would offer him more than some shared cuddles and attention in the shelter.
This is Pebbles, another poisoning orphan. This little baladi boy is 5 months old. He is the only survivor of a poisoning campaign, and very sweet.
This is Tax, a little baladi boy, 9 months old. He is now running with the big dogs, but his personality is more people oriented and mellow.
This is Rambo, around 5 to 6 years old. Rambo is a big boy with a huge heart. He likes cuddles like a baby, and he loves car rides! He is feeling so very lonely and would be just a big hunk of love for the one giving him a home and many cuddles.
Scruffy. All of the courtyard boys could do very well with an adopter. Like siblings are, they are often in each other's hair now, and a solid education in a real home would really be needed now for the boys!
This is brother Spikey of the courtyard boys.
This is Spunky, another courtyard boy. This boy seems to take after the father, obviously something like a GSD!
This one is Sparky, one of the courtyard boys!
This is Amarant. Female mother of the 4 courtyard boys. Around 2 years old.
This is Tut, a small, young baladi boy, super sweet! We called him Tut because of his pharaonic appearance!
Louisa, a lovely girl, maybe 3 years old, with the bad leg. She is such a kind little dog.
Freddy, Benny's classmate in puppy school. Not so excellent, but very lovable. Freddy likes to play the clown, he is lots of fun and laughter, not so much discipline.
Benny, one year old A-student of our puppy school. An excellent walker, very smart boy and very adoptable!
Balou, sweet GSD boy. Around 5 years old. Very friendly and obedient. Calm and low energy.
Tasha, beautiful girl, around two years old, still a little shy, but very friendly.
Sandy, female puppy, around 10 months old. Sandy is recovering nicely from a severe mange. Within a little time, she will be a beauty!
Frodo, around two years, male. Frodo is very affectionate with people, loves attention and gets attached very quickly.
Blanko, male, around 3 to 4 years old. Blanko is a big guy, alpha dog, but friendly.
These enchanting baladi puppies, Hansel and Gretel, brother and sister, are five months old, a little shy and scared, but super cute and would love a home!
This is Bambi, a delicate beautiful baladi girl, around 2 years old, very very friendly, with huge deer eyes. Lovely, happy personality!
This is Sodfa, our very thin, older Golden girl. Sodfa was sitting on a garbage truck to be thrown away, when she was fortunately discovered and saved by Mona Khalil. Sodfa with her loving, sad eyes and sweet personality is now safe with us at ESMA.
This is Red, male, around 4 to 5 years old. Very sweet, sentimental boy. He is walking on the leash like a dream. Red is a very sweet dog!
This is Larry. He was terribly abused, but recovered from his wounds and is a calm guy who needs to be pampered.
Biso is a gentleman, around 6 to 7 years old, who is easily overlooked, but a real diamond. A sensitive guy, responds very emotionally to any attention given to him. He’s an excellent walker with lots of routine on the leash. Biso has a wonderful character. He is loving, but not imposing himself. He would certainly be a very good company for anybody.
Aggie, sweet baladi lady, looking for attention. Aggie is around 4 years old.
Angelina, about 5 to 6 years old, is a cancer survivor. She is completely recovered and cancer free, and a lovely lady! Angelina is very friendly, calm, and loves walks. Angelina is a perfect little lady, and she would be a lovely addition to any household since she is also a very fast learner.
This is our Freddie! Freddie is one of our youngsters gang and often overlooked because of his uncircumspicious appearance. Freddie is around one and a half years old and he came to ESMA as a puppy. He is a little on the full figure side, he is very kind, and loves cuddles. Freddie is very smart, in addition to being a real clown when he is playing! If you get to know him, Freddie is a spectacular fun dog!
This is little Batman, a young boy, around 10 months old. Naughty and lively, a typical youngster who wants to become an Alpha. Unfortunately, Batman has a joint dislocation in his front leg and needs an operation.
Sprinkles, a small, delicate little girl, around 1 to 2 years old, is looking for love. She gets very attached to humans, is very friendly and sweet, and would fit perfectly into a nice family.
Nino. brother of Nina, same age, same character, maybe a little bit more on the shy side.
Nina loves people. She is around 2 years old, lively, very friendly and so eager to please.
Shorty, an "Egyptian Husky", around 7 months old and veeeery cute! He is a lovely pup, living with cats at the time being, so he is accustomed to cats. Lively and smart, he is just the cutest guy you could wish for!
This is little Rudy, the new pup in town! Around 3 to 4 months old, a very cool dude! playful (of course, puppy) and already quite self confident!
This is Eskander. Eskander is a very shy girl. She is in the shelter since she was a puppy, and now she is around 4 years old.
These are Bob and Dylan, two twin brothers, around 2 years old. Both of them are a little shy, but very friendly and have not socialized much till now.
This beauty is Leyali, 2 to 3 years old. Leyali, similar to Amigo, is bearing the scar from having been strangled around her neck. She is a very tender and kind girl.
Ringo, dynamic beautiful boy, around four years old.
Wendy is a delicate two year old girl. She is very eager to please, at the same time a little shy.
This is Magic! Black Magic! This boy has such a sweet face. Magic is a young boy, maximum 1 year old and very affectionate. He wants to cuddle and be pet all the time!
Woody is a male, approximately 2 years old. He walks nicely on a leash.
Luna, beautiful girl, but very shy. Luna is around two to three years old.
Ernie, friendly, but shy boy. Ernie is around three years old.
Sirius, this boy has just the most fantastic smile and is a total sweetheart. Sirius is around 3 to 4 years old.
Luke and Logan, charming twin brothers, playful and funny. They are around 3 to 4 years old.
Edgar, longtime resident, very sweet little guy, around 5 to 6 years old.
Castro, a longtime resident, sitting in the back. Castro is around 6 years old and a friendly guy.
This is Carlo, handsome and very friendly, a natural on the leash. Around 3 years old
This is Rozza, our sweet white girl, 2 to 3 years old, very affectionate, always longing to be pet and cuddled. A real sweetie.
This is Hanna. She's about 2 years old. Her mother is Mona and her sister is Nada. They are living together at ESMA, very friendly, playful, and good girls.
Nada is around 2 years old. The sister of Hanna and daughter of Mona. They are living together at ESMA, very friendly, playful, and good girls.
Mona is 3 to 4 years old and the mother of Hanna and Nada. They are living together at ESMA, very friendly, playful, and good girls.
This is Kimo, an old-timer at ESMA, around 8 years old. A very dear old man.
Shams, also one of our oldies but very goodies! Shams is male, around 8 years old, but doesn't show it. A lovely boy.
Ghazal is one of our oldest ESMA residents. Ghazal is a very sweet old man, around 10 years old, So lovable.
This is Duncan, a sweet young man, around 3 years old, good looking and with a friendly and lovable character.
Wilma Mansy, daughter of Della, a lovely sweetie, around two years old.
Kurt, GSD mix boy, around three years old, friendly with people, alpha dog.
Cortez, very cuddly GSD boy, sucker for belly scratches. Ex police dog.
Amber II, very confident and friendly boy. Always on top of things and of the dog house. Three to four years old.
Cisco. One to two years old, has a look alike brother, Frisco.
Frisco, one to two years old, friendly but shy boy, has a look alike brother.
Bono, friendly boy, a little shy, around three years old.
This is Pamina, a girl, about 5 to 6 years old. Pamina has one blue and one brown eye, is a little bit shy, but very receptive for cuddles.
Bella, lovely girl, very people friendly, around two years old.
Bosco is a male, approximately 2 to 3 years old. He has a slight limp but loves to walk, and he walks on a leash very well. He has beautiful eyes and lots of energy.
Gamila, our lovely and kind lady with the great smile. She is around five years old.
Adreya, queen of ESMA, around five years old.
This, of course, is Leon! King of ESMA!
Conrad, older gentleman, very dignified personality, around 6 years old.
This is Herman Mansy, son of Della, pretty boy, around 2 years old.
This is Della Mandy, a lovely GSD lady with the sweetest disposition.
Troy, calm and a little reserved, this boy loves being pet, once he has gained confidence. He is around 5 years old.
Libby, very friendly and lovable girl, around three years old.
Echo, very smart and friendly girl, around two years old.
Reggie, around two year old, sweet boy with stunning eyes.
Jasper, clever boy, around 4 years old.
This is Cesar, a small boy, around four years old, very friendly and mellow.
This is Chino, around 5 to 6 years. This scruffy guy walks like a dream!
This is Kenzo, a small, playful, colorful little boy, around two years old.
This is sweet Cinnamon, a lovely girl, around 3 years old. Very friendly disposition.
Honey, sweet and very friendly girl, two to three years old.
Clarissa, a very kind, dear girl, around 4 years old, sweet and calm.
This is Ruby, very sweet girl, around 3 years old. Very good leash walker.
Castor and Pollux, two one year old youngsters, brothers, still living with Mom in the shelter!
This is the lovely Arwen. She is a young beauty, around 2 years old, calm, friendly, grateful for any attention she can get. Her coat has a striking red-golden color, and she is a real graceful beauty!
Dandouna, Great Dane, around 6+ years old. Very lovable old girl.
This is Tiffany. She is a young little girl, about 10 months old, came to ESMA completely hairless and on the brink of death, but she is a fighter and very clever. Her first walk on the leash was already almost perfect, and she is strong and lovely now!
This boy is Magneto. He is very friendly and I still have to get him on a leash, but I believe he will get the hang of it. He is around 3 to 4 years old. How could anyone refuse a dog with the name Magneto?
This is Lennie, around 6 years old. A shy guy, but very friendly.
Pirate is male, approximately 3 to 4 years old. He has one eye. He walks great on a leash and is a very affectionate boy.
Duncan is an older, experienced and calm, but very friendly guy. He is around 4 years old.
Bugsy, around 3 years old, very affectionate and playful young man.
Simon, young, very sweet little man. Around 2 years old.
Millie, older little lady, friendly, but a little shy. Around 5 years old.
Malcolm, black intelligent boy, very friendly. Around 3 years old.
This is Shilo, a sweet boy, 3 to 4 years old. A kind, mellow boy.
Meet Domino. This young man loves to be a photo model. He is super sweet and loves people. He is around 2 to 3 years old.
Onyx is a male, approximately 3 years old. He's a tripod and very friendly.
This is Cosette, lovely young girl with light colored eyes and a creamy white coat. She is delicate and a little shy.
This is handsome Bronco, a young man, 3 to 4 years old, clever and good natured.
This is Greta, an elderly, rather full figured lady, a little shy, but kind and friendly.
This is Blaze, GSD, male, around 5 to 6 years. When Blaze was admitted to the shelter, someone had set fire to his face! He lost his sight on one eye, and is still bearing the terrible scars.
This is Sully, a very sweet, older guy, around 5 to 6 years, seeking attention and tries to get some pets and cuddles in a very unobtrusive way.
Rocky is a special case, and is looking urgently for adoption. Rocky is about 6+ years old. He is very dog selective, but incredibly good with people! He is a very affectionate guy, waiting urgently for his own home where he should be the one and only. He is very accustomed to cats.
Milo, around 2 years old, came to the shelter as a puppy. Milo is very people oriented, walks nicely on a leash. He is a very intelligent and lively dog. Would make a great sports and hiking mate.
Bogey, sweet and affectionate boy around 2 years old.
Maya, little girl, very friendly, but a bit shy. About 2 to 3 years old.
This is Ronja, a very friendly girl of about 3 to 4 years old.
This is Vicky, a very pretty baladi girl. She came to the shelter as a little pup. Vicky is around one to two years old. She is a little shy, but very friendly.
This is Mr. Tips, a young black boy around one year old. He came to the shelter as a baby. The picture does not show his white tail tip, which gave him his name.
This is Mousy! She is around 4 years old and has been in the shelter around 2 years. She has a cute under bite. She is very sweet and affectionate.
This is Zorro, around 2 years old, male. Zorro is a black bundle of charm, beautiful boy with mostly great manners and so great on the leash!
Nero, a very, very good boy, around 3 years old. Nero has a unique walking style and is great on the leash!
This is Gazar. He's a very quiet, mellow boy. Age around 4 to 5 years, with excellent leash manners.
This is Rigoletto, male, about 4 years old. Rigoletto is sweet, cool and calm, most of the time. He is an excellent walker on the leash and very kind and sweet!
This is Nina, she's about 1 year old and has three sisters also at ESMA. Nina is very sweet and has the biggest smile!
Aristo is about 4 years old. He's very clever and craves human attention!
Captain is a super sweet boy that’s had a rough life. He’s been neutered and is great on a leash. He would do best in a home as an only dog or with dogs that are gentle and not dominant.
Oreo is a male, approximately 2 years old. He's a very friendly boy.
Roy is a male, approximately 3 years old. He's very friendly.
Amigo is a male, approximately 3 years old. He was strangled with a wire and has a deep scar around his neck. Despite his past, he's very affectionate and speaks with his human. He's an absolute sweetheart that needs a lot of TLC. He walks great on the leash.
Venus is a young girl, approximately 10 months old. She has grown up in the ESMA shelter. She's very smart and walks nicely on a leash.