Laila is four and a half years old, spayed female. vey sweet and ready to travel to EU/UK.
Sarah is three and a half years old, spayed female, friendly and ready to travel to EU/UK.
Zahya is around 3 and half years old , spayed , came when the whole family was thrown out due to numbers of cats at the house - she came with "husband" and babies. The kittens got adopted of course as they were taking after the father who was a long hair and she remained because she is a "baladi" .
Naida. Spayed female. Five years old. Was one of thirteen cats abandoned from the same family. Had horrible ear infection and head is tilted to the side a bit. Spayed female ready to travel to EU/UK.
This is Fay, about 4-5 years old - has been at Esma over 3 years!! She came in very malnourished, with terrible injuries down one side, and part of her mouth is missing so her tongue sticks out. She is very sweet once she knows and trusts you. Has been ready and waiting to travel to the EU for a very long time.
This is Doreya, a spayed female. She arrived at Esma a couple of years ago and was less than a year old then! Ready to travel to the EU/UK any time!
This is GERGES AFANDY, an Esma boy that is enjoying every single moment in life. I rescued him a year ago after he got run over, and he has been limping for a year, but doing much better now. Nothing in life worries him, and he is a very joyful and content boy.
Girl. Tested and chipped.
Pepi is an Egyptian shorthair born in March 2015. He likes to play with other cats and with people. It is really an attention junk and loves to cuddle. He is also accustomed to dogs walking around in the shelter. He is vaccinated, dewormed, and chipped. Pepi is FIV positive.