CHLOE. a perfect little lady is looking for a loving home!
For more than five years, CHLOE has been living at the ESMA-shelter, and never seems to lose hope to find a loving home.
Chloe is a sweet baladi girl, around 6 to 7 years old. Chloe does not have any health issues and is ready to travel. Her energy level is medium, her nature is calm and kind. She is not dominant, and does not display a prey drive. Actually, she fulfills most of the requirements often made for dogs to be adopted: Her friendly and loving personality and her convenient smaller size make her fit into almost every family and home, and it is sad, that until now, she is sitting in the shelter, and not living in a home, being the great companion she could be for someone.
What always impressed me most about this little dog is the fact, that she always behaves like a proper little lady, whether being in an enclosure together with a group of rambunctious “room mates”, or even now, living among so many dogs, free on the big sand place. Chloe has always kept to herself, without being unfriendly with other dogs. She is always very clean and neat, no matter what her environment is. She is never involved in any brawls around her. She hides at a safe spot, and only comes out, when I call her name. Then, she is so happy to receive some attention and cuddles, but she seems so lonely among all the other dogs. It is high time for this smart and lovely little lady to get home. Please, do not let her wait much longer in the shelter.