BANDIT is the perfect example for a tripod, who wants to prove, that he can do everything better than a dog with four legs. This boy must be around 6 years old, and is in the ESMA Shelter since more than 4 years. You can see Bandit’s exuberant personality shine from his beautiful eyes. He loves to run, to play, and most of all, his love and joy when he is with a human friend does not have any borders. Bandit is a lover, and he is all over his human friend with slobbery kisses and passionate hugs. He would be the most passionate and loving companion and friend for his human. Having only three legs never slowed him down, and I can’t discover any signs of ageing on this beautiful boy. He is just waiting to shower his own family with an abundance of love, and he easily can participate in any kind of outdoor activities. Bandit is playful, but he is very smart and would enjoy also just to sit and cuddle with his person. Bandit is spayed, does not have any health issues, and is ready to travel to his home. This boy should be loved and cared for, and have fun in his home, where he would probably prefer to be the only dog.