Meet the formidable TUX! Tux is perfectly dressed for the occasion with his charcoal black tuxedo fur, and snowy white breast! How can anybody not be completely smitten with his handsome appearance, only topped by his lively, joyful and emotional personality. Tux is a young boy, maybe around 3 years old, neutered, in good health condition, very human oriented. Since more than one year he is already in the ESMA-shelter, waiting and longing to go home with his human. Tux’ story is very touching. He seems to have lived with humans before, who then betrayed him by placing him just beside a very busy highway, to be sure that he was killed if he just moved a little bit. Tux was sitting there, on this dangerous spot, when kind people discovered him and tried to lure him away from the danger zone, but any attempt to get him safely away was failing. Tux stayed put for one and a half day, and was taken in against his will by his rescuers. He landed at the ESMA Shelter and quickly recovered from his ordeal and his loving character unfolded to any human, he met. Tux is living now in an enclosure of the dog shelter, together with a group of mellow dogs. He is a quirky, funny boy, playful and lively, but not dominant. Tux is waiting for his human, with whom he is willing to do anything. He is curious and ready to discover the world, to participate in activities, to show what a good boy he is for his person. If you are looking for a canine friend who will joyfully give you his heart and life, who is so willing to please, look no further and don’t leave Tux waiting for longer! You can’t find better than this wonderful boy who will brighten your life with his sunny personality!