Little RICHARD has a crooked leg. Little RICHARD is a beautiful smaller dog, and most people think: What a pity! Poor little boy! Wrong! His impressive pair of ears, or his beautiful grey wolf-like fur, or even the crooked little leg, memory of an old fracture, long healed, but in the wrong way, these are not the essential factors making little Richard so special and unique: it is his spirit, that astonishes you the most. This little guy is not the lap dog you might expect from his appearance! He is immensely courageous and brave! Inside this little body dwells an invincible, unbeatable, self confidence, with which this mini wolf meets his destiny! He is not held back by his leg, he can do zoomies, run, play. He is running with the big guys, and he is a mischievous brat, even sometimes instigating trouble. This is Richard in the shelter, where he is holding up against so many bigger and stronger dogs. But Richard will be the treasure of his own home, the best boy and friend to his human, if you only let him! Richard might be around 5 years old, neutered, very adaptable and intelligent. His size is very comfortable, smallish, and he is travel ready! Adopt Richard, and you will have the best entertainment you could imagine! He is in good health, and his leg does not cause him any pain or trouble.