ESMA and ESAF introduce Trap, Neuter, Release program in Sheikh Zayed

We are proud to announce ESMA has been a main factor in reaching the first agreement of its kind with the new communities authority to apply TNR in Sheikh Zayed area and stop poisoning or shooting dogs for one year till the project is evaluated, ESMA signed held the negotiations for more than a year and signed on behalf of the federation. Yesterday was first day of the campaign and resulted in Trapping 16 dogs in total , ESMA and ESAF catchers were conducting the process, a bigger number of dogs could have been caught but due to lack of funds to rent more cars we had to use only two. Operations are being done now at the premises of ESMA and ESAF .

We are looking forward to the success of this project to be the role model that we need to apply in more areas and to show the government and the veterinary authorities what we have been calling for to be applied for decades. The groups are carrying all the expenses and we are looking forward to the help of our supporters that always have been there for the animals of Egypt to keep supporting and donating so we can reach our goal. Initial number of operations estimated are 2000 operations, all dogs will be vaccinated by Pfizer defensor 3 rabies vaccine to ensure their safety to be released again to their same areas.

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