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September update on the new shelter

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Dear ESMA friends,
Our big move, being forced to take all our 1400+ animals to the new shelter is almost upon us. It is already September and the big move must happen next month.
We are sick with worry as we are not ready.
As of today, we do not have any money to finish the cat shelter so more than 700 cats will not be able to move. We still need to buy most of the doors, windows, and the roofs. 
The outside area for the cats is also yet to be done. 
We still need to buy fencing to secure the perimeter of the cat area.
As of today we still have to build the dog shelters in each of the large communal living areas plus a further 6 dog kennels. 
We still don’t have a kitchen area to make and prepare the dogs food/clean their dishes. This space is essential with 800 dogs. 
There is no bathroom, no dogs worker’s room, no storage room, and no laundry room. 
As of today, we cannot afford the iron gates and fencing needed to secure the perimeter of the new shelter.
I think our 1,400 rescued dogs and cats need a miracle. 
Please consider donating.
Please don’t hesitate, thinking your donation is too small, it won’t be, we promise you. 
The future for our 1,400+ fur babies is dependent on YOU. 
We have exhausted all our resources and we are out of money. 
We cannot move forward without your help.

If you are overseas we have paypal [email protected]
Bank account: 
George Animal Foundation
IBAN: NL95 ABNA 0457 5064 31 

If you live in Cairo we can collect your donation if you private message us your telephone and the area you live in .. We can also provide Egyptian bank details privately … every pound counts..