A bittersweet good-bye from Mammie

Dear all,  ‘bittersweet’ letter from Mammie follows :
Dear All, each and every one of you…..
I wanted to tell you I had a lovely week at ESMA with all my new friends, and enjoyed laying in the sun and fresh air and eating good food….
On Friday Mona stayed with me all day till late at night.  I wanted to please her and felt better so I finally opened my eyes (I could see out of one) and looked up at her and saw ‘an angel’.  I was also able to ‘do my business (both)’ in front of her to please her further… first time also in a week, but my lungs were still filled with fluid…
So after that lovely week and when Mona went home late at night and all the human keepers were asleep, I decided to ‘fly’ to the Rainbow Bridge…Please don’t be sad for me, all, humans and animals, are happy at the rainbow bridge reunited with the ones they love.
Thank you all for loving me and wanting to help me, I will never forget that and I will be watching you from above with the Angels.
I only ask one thing from you please….Please all of you, all over the world try and stop the breeders…they cause so much misery, I ask this on behalf of of my brothers and sisters in servitude  who have had to serve these breeders for their greediness with no thought to how we feel.  I know one day you will do it, I will be looking down watching you.
Love you all and will always remember your kindness,

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