Female, 2 1/2 years old, potty trained. Our cute STELLA was rescued as baby by a lady in Egypt but had to move away and put Stella back in the street. Please open your heart for Stella, she needs a forever home.
Anschu, a 5 months old male puppy was found alone in a building and risked to be poisoned by the people living in this building. His mummy died in an accident and Anschu was alone. A nice lady rescued him and since he is at ESMA.
Oliver approx 1 year old, sadly abandoned and now looking for a home overseas..Very friendly, good with other dogs and also cats.
Meet our lovely girl Toota! She is 6 months old and has been living at our cat shelter since she was puppy. She thinks she is a cat and even uses the cat litter box. If you are looking for an adorable dog to adopt, that loves cats, then Toota is the right one for you.
Our lovely girl Americana is looking for her forever home. She is a shy girl with an interesting black/white pattern. An Eye-Catcher!
Our girl UM EL AYAL is searching her forever home in a nice family. She is 3 - 4 years old and very lovely with people. She is very sad in the shelter and really needs someone who makes her laughing and having joy in life.
Our sweet girl CHOCOLATA has an amazing brown color. She is a young lady, very kind and loves human, is well with other dogs and needs her forever lovingly home.
BRUNO, our German-Shepherd-Boy. Bruno is 9 months old and his owner dumped him in the street. Bruno is blind and has one double eyelash. He deserves a lovingly family with an adapted environment. Please open your hearts for him.
EMMA, a sweet Girl and German-Shepherd-Mix. A very curious young lady, well with other dogs. She is the perfect family dog.
This is Carlos, our young German Shepherd Boy with a very lovely character. Loves to play with other dogs and loves to be cuddled. He is now a Teenager and should have his family to become a handsome Shepherd!
Baraka our elder German shepherd lady should not spend her last years in a shelter but in a family. She is a lovely girl and very kind with human. Her heart is full with love that she wants to give to you in her forever home. Open your heart for her.
Male, friendly and playful, loves to run and loves to play with balls and plastic toys. He was found as a puppy in Maadi by a member of ESMA group, he was the only survivor of a poisoning that killed his mum and brothers. He is with ESMA since he was 3 months old. He is very attached to humans. Open your heart for him. He deserves a warm and lovingly home.
Female, badly abused in the street and rescued by a foreigner. She is playful and funny, likes to jump and loves humans. Open your heart for her.
Male, he arrived at ESMA in April 2015. Very playful, funny and loves to be brushed. He searches contact to human.
He lost his sister this year. Both were very close to each other. It took a while for him to be without her but needs to wear also her colar around his neck. RAMI needs a human giving him love and a lovely home. RAMI should be the only pet in a family. He needs to start a new life! Open your hearts and give him a second chance. RAMI is a lovely German Shepherd, healthy, playful, loves to be brushed, is nice with people and a real pleasant dog. RAMI is the synonym for Love, Friendship and Loyalty for Life.
Male, a very intellectual boy, very playful and with strong character. The very example of an original ancient Egyptian dog with all features.
Our lovely lady "Angelina" arrived at our shelter from the street where she was abused. She overcame a cancer and is now healthy and recovered. She is very playful and loves people. Open your heart for this Lady to give her a lovingly home. Loyalty, faith and love will come back to you.
Since 2015 at ESMA. He became 3-legged as a result of human abuse. He arrived 4-legged at ESMA and his frontleg was in a horrible condition. He moves perfectly with his 3 legs and can jump and walk well. He is a happy boy and searches human contact. He loves to play and jump around. Abbanos video
She is a real sweetheart girl from ESMA. Loves to play, jumps around and is well with other dogs. A real blond and beautiful lady that deserves a lovingly home.
Male. This lovely sweetheart arrived at ESMA in May 2015. He loves people and is very playful.
Our lovely boy "Haram" search his forever home and lives right now at our cat shelter. Sure he is well with cats, but also with people. Open your heart for him.
Aki, our little puppy that arrived recently in our cat shelter. Of course he is well with cats. Open your heart for this lovely boy who searches his forever home and love.
FOXY. Abandoned on the highway, he was smaller than now and so scared on the side of the road. It seems he was trying to cross the street but got stuck in the middle between to the two sides. It was a very dangerous rescue since we were very afraid that he might panic and run in any direction and gets hit.
Male, sterilized. A very friendly dog. He was the victim of an accident but then the people in the area did not want him around, although he was injured so they kept beating him on his injured leg to hurt him and to get him to leave the place.
Tifa is a very handsome boy, he only needs some more human contact, cause he comes running to u when he sees you coming towards him.
Rahma had a very bad accident in the past and stayed badly injured in the street for three days cause people thought I was dead. Here I am with Biko, my best friend. Biko was hit by a car and kept screaming in the middle of the street when a car stopped and a man carried him to the side of the street. He stayed there for two days not being able to move cause three legs were broken. A girl passed by, noticed him and stopped to rescue him. After having some bone surgeries, he can walk again.
Danitta came in with her baby girl, after they shot her other 4 babies who were just 2 and a half months old. A lady who used to feed Danitta and her babies saw the shooting, went running carried the baby girl and stood In front of Danitta so that they don't shoot her. Danitta was out of her mind when she saw her babies killed and started really crying very loud. She rescued them and brought them to ESMA.
As Four months old puppies, Cherina was tortured by 4 boys. They cut the tip of her ears with scissors, and put a rope around her neck then tied her to a tree while she was screaming very loud. She was hit by sticks and received only sometimes food like water and hard bread. This torture last for three months and Cherina suffered a lot. A girl passed by and saw them pulling Cherina from the tail. She rescued Cherina and brought her immediately to ESMA.
Male, sterilized. Friendly and playful, loves humans, and very good with other dogs. Gogo loves running, playing with balls, and likes his food. He was rescued of abuse as a puppy from a local area in Cairo. Kids were dragging him on the ground with a rope and he was screaming loudly as his skin was all cut and injured, until a lady rescued him.
Female, found among a group of dogs in the desert, thrown there either to let them die of starvation or to be attacked by desert dogs, the 3 of them were first thought dead when found by one of the workers in ESMA. He approached them thinking they are dead and wanted to bury them instead of leaving them there to be eaten by vultures or desert dogs, but they were just on their sides from exhaustion, dehydration and fatigue. By the time he arrived at the shelter one was dead, Oksha and her friend were struggling for life, and she was also pregnant. Oksha gave birth to 2 puppies.
This is Rabbit, a very sweet and playful 5 month old puppy. She has long pointy ears, and both her hind legs are longer than her front, so she hops when she walks (hence the name, Rabbit). She is very sweet natured and has a big personality, but can be a handful at times, and requires somebody who is patient.
The two male German Shepherds were found in Maadi. They were found walking together, both of them wearing collars. When we got them we found out they were sterilized too, which is not normal for street dogs. They also were very familiar with people and did not find a problem in dealing with them. They are also used to the leash.
Magoo seems to be a mix of German Shepherd and Collie. He was too dehydrated when we found him, with a very bad eye infection and too hungry. He is very friendly, easy with other puppies and adult dogs too. He is so funny that we called him Magoo.
Chance, neutered, was found on a highway overpass with injuries to his leg, which was not broken but was badly injured. He has recovered nicely and is ready for a new home.
Feryal is a sweet and friendly girl. She loves to run and chase balls. She is a bit shy with strangers but warms up quickly. She was rescued from the aftermath of a shooting of dogs from Orabi Street in Mohandaseen, where we found her alive next to her dead mother and one dead brother. She was saved along with the remaining brothers.
Leon needs his forever home where he is loved and can give all his love and faith back to someone. He is playful and needs human contact, loves to be brushed and cared. He was abandoned by a family who dumped him in the street. This sweet boy deserves a home. Please open your heart for our boy.
Joy was another rescue from the Gezira Club. She was a thin skelton of a dog and was doing to die from malnutrition or the next round of poisoning at the Club, but she is now safe and healthy in our care.
Rescued by our volunteer Hazem Metwalli
Rafi is another car accident victim. Now is he doing quite well with just a little trouble with his right back leg and paw. He is a very friendly, and loves people.
He is about one year old and was found by our friends at the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization, which is only for cats. He had a problem with his leg when he was found, either from an accident or a birth abnormality. After an operation, he is doing quite well.
Male, 3 years, neutered. Rescued by a wonderful family who unfortunately cannot keep him in their apartment. He is very trusting, friendly and playful, and gets along with all other dogs. Just look at his cute face!
Male, estimated 3 years old. Poison rescue from a neighborhood that did not want dogs around, especially black ones. Several attempts to poison him before failed as a Good Samaritan and resident hid him a few times. She faced serious threats and thus brought him to us. This black beauty is very attached to people, likes their company and cuddle time. He has a leadership character, but a follower when he is around older dogs. Prefers women and would make a great guard dog for a single lady.