FOXY BY NAME NOT NATURE :) Male, sterilized, around 3 - 4 years old, abandoned by someone on the highway, he was smaller than now and so scared on the side of the road , a woman saw him when she was on the bus on the way to her work and could not stop to check or see what was going on so put a message on our facebook page, we immediately went to the directions she gave us and it seems he was trying to cross the street to get out of the place he was on the high way but got stuck in the middle between to the two sides, it was  a very dangerous rescue since we were very afraid that he might panic and run in any direction and gets hit, but thank god our helper Mohamed handled the situation very well - he made the dog trust him and slowly got closer and closer to his side while trying to put out food to him to make him understand he means no harm to him till he could grab his neck and he suddenly snatched him up in the air and then in his arms and went back fast to the car where he brought him to the shelter.
Male, 3 years old , sterilized, friendly , he was the victim of an accident but then the people in the area did not want him around , although he was injured so they kept beating him on his injured leg to hurt him and to get him to leave the place, he was rescued by a cat shelter in Egypt who took him in for treatment since he was found in their area but since they have no dog shelter they could not keep him. They called us and asked for our help and we took him in. 
Hi, I am Okshita, I was born in ESma two years ago. Everybody here loves me very much and I love them too. They say I am a funny dog, because of the funny faces I always make. I have also a way to look in their eyes by nearly closing my eyes and I noticed that this always make them laugh, so this makes me keep on doing it to see them laugh more and more. If you want to have a good time and enjoy your life, ADOPT ME. Lots of love Okshita Baby of Oksha, female, not sterilized yet, around 2 years old, lovely friendly easy going with other dogs, funny
Our Vanilla has found her forever home! :)
Tifa is a very handsome boy, he only needs some more human contact, cause he comes running to u when he sees you coming towards him. We had very shy dogs before, which is not the case here and when they found homes they became very friendly. A message from Tifa I need a home please, I wish to belong to someone.
Rahma and Biko
We are Rahma and Biko. I Rahma had a very bad accident in the past and stayed badly injured in the street for three days cause people thought I was dead. The fourth day a nearby supermarket owner noticed me trying to lift up my head, when he came running towards me. He got me some water and put it beside my mouth, and I was really thirsty. I discovered I couldn't move and just drank sooo much while I was laying down. Tree were so many people passing by that looked at me down feeling sorry for me. The supermarket man was very kind to me and tried to feed me, but I couldn't eat. He asked around if someone can help me till a woman told him about the shelter I am staying in now and that I consider it to be my home. The man took the address, got his car, put me in the trunk of car where I was really scared and drove for a good 50 minutes till we arrived to that place full with so many dogs. I was really not feeling well at all with so many broken bones. This is how I look now, I am much better and I have many friends here but my best is Biko who is with me in the photo. He is a real sweet and gentle dog. I am Biko, I had a car accident too but it was not as strong as Rahmas. After being hit by the car I kept on screaming in the middle of the street when a car stopped and a man carried me to the side of the street. Imagine I stayed there for two days not being able to move cause I broke three of my legs. Thank god a girl passing by noticed me and stopped her car. She called someone and told them about me and where exactly I was. She then left me on my own again, but an hour later came another car that stopped and a man came out of it and picked me up. I later knew that this was Esmas driver. As u can see me now, after having some bone surgeries, i can walk again. Thank you Esma
Danitta came in with her baby girl, after they shot her other 4 babies who were just 2 and a half months old. A lady who used to feed Danitta and her babies saw the shooting, went running carried the baby girl and stood Infront of Danita so that they don't shoot her. Danitta was out of her mind when she saw her babies killed and started really crying very loud. The lady went down on her knees and hugged her, trying to calm her. 20 minutes later the lady decided she will never leave Danitta in the street again. She took both Danitta and her baby girl in her car and drove to Esma.
Four months after I came to this world, I was one day playing with my brother in the garden where our mother had left us. We were very happy for having each other. We found 4 young boys coming towards us, we thought they were bringing us something to eat so we went running happily towards them. They picked us up and took us to a nearby place and started torturing us. I heard my brother screaming and so was I. I felt for the first time a horrible feeling, PAIN, they cut the tip of my ears with scissors, and put a rope around my neck then tied me to a tree while I was screaming very loud. I never saw my brother after that and never knew what happened to him. They were very cruel and had no heart. They rarely gave me water and occasionally gave me piece of hard bread. Three months passed by and I was still suffering because they were always very mean to me, they always hit me with a stick and pulled me from the tail and I never knew why. I started loosing my hair and all my body was full of mange. One day a girl was Passing by and saw them pulling me from my tail, she stopped and kept on shouting to them. She decided to release me and take me. She had to pull me with the rope I was tied with and I was helping her by running beside her cause I just wanted to leave this horrible place. Two blocks away she found a man coming towards her thanking her for saving me cause he had seen all what had happened to me during the past months and was never able to help me. I am now 14 months old and this is how I look like after living in Esma.
Agram is one of the most handsome boys we have in ESma. He is an adorable dog, he loves humans very much and wishes to have a family and a home. Agram belonged to one of the farmers living near the shelter. The farmer thought that Agram was a Doberman when he was a puppy, but after Agram turned one year, the farmer discovered he was not and decided to kick him out of his home. Agram kept on trying for many days to enter his home again, but the farmer insisted on throwing him back in the street. One of esmas workers saw that happening and decided to bring the dog to the shelter. Agram got used to living in the shelter, till a year ago one of our volunteers decided to adopt him. She was really in love with him and took him home, without asking her mother if she could adopt a dog or not. Neither her mother nor her sister were happy that she adopted a dog, so she had to put Agram in another apartment that they had alone. She went to see him daily and took him for walks, he was very happy with that because he also was really in love with her and trusted her. A month later she got Agram back to the shelter because she was traveling for two weeks. She came back after three weeks and took Agram back and he was so happy to see her. A month later she got Agram back to the shelter saying that she wants to leave him until she rents an apartment of her own and then come and take him to live with her, and promised she will come to see him weekly. She never came back to see him and now he is really very sad and depressed cause he was really happy to be with her.
Male, sterilized, around 3 years old now, so friendly and playful, loves humans, and very good with other dogs as well. Gogo loves running, playing with balls, and likes his food :) He will make any family so happy with him as a pet, he was rescued of abuse as a puppy from a local area in Cairo. Kids were dragging him on the ground with a rope and he was screaming loudly as his skin was all cut and injured, until a lady heard him from her window and came down and took him from the boys and called ESMA.
Diesel - a friendly young dog at ESMA shelter.
Male, around 2 years old, so friendly and playful, loves to run and loves to play with balls and plastic toys a lot. Prefers female dogs to male but he lives in a group of 28 dogs now. He was found as a puppy in the Maadi area by a member of ESMA group, he was the only survivor of a poisoning that killed his mum and brothers, it was so kind of her to keep him while he needed bottle feeding but once he was weened she brought him to us. He has been with us since he was 3 months old. He is very attached to humans and loves human company very much.
Female, 2 years old, found among a group of dogs in the desert, thrown there either to let them die of starvation or to be attacked by desert dogs, the 3 of them were first thought dead when found by one of the workers in ESMA, he approached them thinking they are dead and wanted to bury them instead of leaving them there to be eaten by vultures or desert dogs, but they were just on their sides from exhaustion, dehydration and fatigue. By the time he arrived at the shelter one was dead, Oksha and her friend were struggling for life, and to our horror she was also pregnant. It was a very close call to death but both made it and Oksha gave birth to 2 puppies that are now at ESMA.
This is Rabbit, a very sweet and playful 5 month old puppy. She has long pointy ears, and both her hind legs are longer than her front, so she hops when she walks (hence the name, Rabbit). She is very sweet natured and has a big personality, but can be a handful at times, and requires somebody who is patient.
Moko and Jazz
The two male German Shepherds were found in the Maadi area. They are estimated to be around 1 year old. They were found walking together, both of them wearing collars. When we got them we found out they were sterilized too, which is not normal for street dogs. They also were very familiar with people and did not find a problem in dealing with them, although one boy was a bit more shy than the other. They are also used to the leash. We named them Moko & Azzo.
This Maadi puppy is estimated to be 4-5 months old. He seems to be a mix of German Shepherd and Collie. He was too dehydrated when we found him, with a very bad eye infection and too hungry. He is very friendly, easy with other puppies and adult dogs too. He is so funny that we called him Magoo.
This sweet dog was found at the side of a small canal in a terribly dirty state. He was trying to drink water and clearly did not belong in that environment. When we asked, we found that the people who claimed to own him did not want him, and we suspected that they might have stolen him. We picked him up and now he is very happy in our shelter.
This is Chance, who also appears on the website's banner picture. He is about 3 years old, neutered, and ready to travel. He was found on a highway overpass with injuries to his leg, which was not broken yet was badly injured. He has recovered nicely and is ready for a new home.
Cortez and Randa
This is quite a couple--Cortez , a male of 3 years old, was found abandoned in Sheikh Zayed, and we rescued him after receiving a phone call that he was in the streets. His best friend is Randa, a 2-year old female, who was the only dog alive of a litter that was poisoned in Maadi (along with the mother).
Ronaldo is about 3 and is neutered and ready to travel to Europe. He was rescued after his was hit by a car near the home of our supporter Mansour Kabbani. After one operation, he made a full recovery. He is used to living with several other dogs and gets along with people easily too.
Feryal is a sweet and friendly young girl of two years. She is petite and loves to run and chase balls. She is a bit shy with strangers but warms up quickly. She was rescused from the aftermath of a shooting of dogs from Orabi Street in Mohandaseen, where we found her alive next to her dead mother and one dead brother. She was saved along with the remaining brothers. She is ready to travel to Europe.
Baraka was the victim of a marriage--her owner remarried and her new husband refused to accept a dog in his house. She is three years old and would love to become a family dog again--this time, for keeps.
Leon had been with a family but they apparently abandoned him into the street. He is a sweet four-year old.
Joy was another rescue from the Gezira Club. She was a thin skelton of a dog and was doing to die from malnutrition or the next round of poisoning at the Club, but she is now safe and healthy in our care.
This sweet dog was the victim of a car accident and will have to use a wheel chair for the rest of his life. We are grateful to the man who saw the accident and brought Saber to our shelter in the middle of the night. We have been able to bring him along pretty well but really he needs a family who is ready for a special needs dog.
Aziz when he was just a puppt was on his way to becoming someone's dinner at an embassy of a country where dog consumption is common. We were tipped off and were able to intervene and we got a whole basket full of puppies. We bottle fed them all and they are sweethearts.
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Rescued by our volunteer Hazem Metwalli
Rescused by our volunteer Hazem Metwalli
Rafi is another car accident victim. Now is he doing quite well with just a little trouble with his right back leg and paw. He is about 3, very friendly, and loves people.
He is about one year old and was found by our friends at the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization, which is only for cats. He had a problem with his leg when he was found, either from an accident or a birth abnormality. After an operation, he is doing quite well.
Male, est. 1-2 years old, neutered, vaccinated. Rescued by a wonderful family who unfortunately cannot keep him in their apartment. He is very trusting, friendly and playful, and gets along with all other dogs. Just look at his cute face!
Male, estimated 3 years old. Poison rescue from a neighborhood that did not want dogs around, especially black ones. Several attempts to poison him before failed as a Good Samaritan and resident hid him a few times. She faced serious threats and thus brought him to us. This black beauty is very attached to people, likes their company and cuddle time. He has a leadership character, but a follower when he is around older dogs. Prefers women and would make a great guard dog for a single lady.
Female, est. 1 year old, spayed, vaccinated. Rami's sister (same rescue/story/character).
Male, est. 1 year old, neutered, vaccinated. This is Farah's brother. Both were rescued after their owner set them out on the street. The two are almost inseperable. Rami loves to play, run, and romp with his toys. Walks well on a leash, rides nicely in a car, and especially obeys his sister. Easy-going and mellow.