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Dog Of The Month

Mizo was rescued by a concerned neighbor who found him tied up in Dokki by people who planned to get rid of him for being a “nuisance. ” As his rescuers did not have space to take him in, he was brought to ESMA. This trusting, friendly and playful soul is now almost 4 years old and he is a favorite of humans and animals alike at the shelter. He is neutered and vaccinated, and will make a wonderful companion but we will be sorry to see him go!

Cat Of The Month

Ping and Pong were found in a garbage heap at only 10 days old along with their siblings, and were bottle fed in the home of ESMA co-founder Bahra Fahmy and lovingly raised by hand. They have grown up surrounded by other cats and dogs and so get along well with other animals, and of course they love people too. These two sociable brothers are now almost 2 years old, and will make perfect family pets. They are neutered and ready to travel.

Who we are

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About ESMA:

The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) was formed in 2007 and is a registered Egyptian NGO (No. 3059/2007). ESMA actively works to improve animal welfare in Egypt for all animals, including dogs and cats, working animals, wildlife, animals in public and private zoos, animals  sold in pet shops and at live animal markets, and all animals slaughtered for food.  ESMA operates two no-kill shelters and adoption centers, and is also involved in ongoing campaigns, initiatives, and advocacy activities to promote animal welfare in Egypt.


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