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  1. nicole says:

    I am in an application process for a dog from Cairo an organization in Canada who is sponsoring to bring over dogs they find pets for.. I found this shelter trying to read about the situation of street dogs there and the impact of halting tourism.. Thank-you for doing this work. I will try to do fundraisers sometime this year to bring pups into new homes. Once my upcoming dog is happy and adjusted here, I will keep fostering one at a time. Helping in little ways I can.

    Much love and thank-you for reflecting love and compassion for animals into the world. I’m happy I chose a rescue over a bred dog.

    Toronto, Canada

  2. noam says:

    I got what you intend, regards for putting up.Woh I am delighted to find this website through google. “Spare no expense to make everything as economical as possible.” by Samuel Goldwyn.

  3. boshra says:

    hello i wanted to know do you have small dogs (white) cause i wanna adopt a small breed please

  4. Josh Hines says:

    All different ages. Any in particular you are interested in?

  5. Evelyn says:

    How old are all the cats you have on your adopt Side?? There stands only chipped and tested

  6. Josh Hines says:

    Rheena has been adopted but we have hundreds of other cats looking for homes. Please come by and see them.

  7. Josh Hines says:

    That would be great! Please visit this link to learn more about volunteering. Thank you!

  8. Marilyn says:

    Moving to Egypt in August and hoping to visit
    and volunteer once I am settled.

  9. Melody Amina Edwards says:

    I am in Sohag, Egypt where I live and work. I want to adopt a cat. Is Rheena still available for adoption?

  10. Elgendy Mohamed says:

    I’m going to make a Presentation about how awesome are you guys , Thanks alot for everything , Greetings to MRS. MONA 🙂

  11. Judith Weber says:

    Thank you very much.

  12. Conny says:

    I feel for you all, to see this sadness everyday, great respect for you all. I am a sponsor of Dierenthuis in the Netherlands (1 dog named Luna and 1 cat named Zazzou) and a sponsor of 2 lions, Tristan at Stichting Leeuw in the Netherlands and Nero, the Hero, my sweet handsome big boy Nero who is at Emoya in South Africa. That’s how I found out about you ESMA, by all these people who were involved with the lives of Nero and his lady Queen Masrya from Egypt. The first I read about ESMA was on the facebook of Judith Weber and I have such great respect for you all, it must be devastating sometimes but you all go on making a difference in these precious souls lives. I can only support you with some money, wish I could do more, keep up the great work and my thoughts are with you. Love, Conny

  13. Judith Weber says:

    Laws that we don’t have here in Egypt to protect animals, to punish those who abuse them. that is the reality.

  14. ANTOINE GHALY says:

    I was a member of the society in the 80 for a couple of years, but nothing was done at that time, the place was horrible and totally neglected, .. now 30 years later from abroad, I see very sadly, the horrible news, and how Egypt is one of the top countries in the world known for mistreating animals, and I know that there are many people in Egypt who love and care for animals, … what can be done from our area, thousands kms away to help, and be sure that the help goes to the right place????

  15. Merel says:

    Hi animal lovers!

    I am a sponsor of Dierenthuis in the Netherlands, now i read that Otto is comming to the Netherlands! I had to cry watching the video, I cant understand that people can do that to animals. I hope otto and all the other dogs and cats get an second change, you are all doing so good work!

    A big hug

  16. Dear Mona & Team,
    I was born & raised in Egypt, where since the age of 7 I started saving & caring for animals. This mission has never faltered. Hope the capture gloves I sent via our mutual friend will prove useful. Ready, of course, to try and do much more. Magic to learn that so few with so little are doing so much. Thank you to each and everyone of you. Will be in touch

  17. Patricia says:

    Thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
    I’m italian and also in my country we have horrible situations, especially in the south.
    Animals are innocent creatures, are on this planet earth with us and deserve love and respect.
    I wish you a good 2011… and hope to visit Egypt in August!
    Good luck!!

  18. Talvi says:

    I am an Egyptian and I wholeheartedly wish good luck for ESMA and approve of their purpose.

  19. Suzanne says:

    I understand exactly what Bella means, I am currently in Egypt and have was feeding the cats where I was staying in Alexandria, I am glad to see there are people in Egypt like you keep up the good work.

  20. Vera Wiarda says:

    This September, during a trip on horseback, my daughter found 3 puppies in Sakkara who were almost dead. They were only about 6 weeks old and laying in a ditch without their mother. We took them to the Hotel, cleaned en feed them belila and then tried to find a place for them. The puppies were very hungry and almost dried out. No succes. Nobody seems interested in animals in Egypt. We also saw a donkey going dead beside the street. This Donkey was laying there for 2 days! Why? The 3 puppies (we named them Sakkara, Belila and Johnny)were lucky they could stay in ESMA place. We are now trying to get them to Holland because we realise that in Egypt the Egyptian dog has no future! Its time the Egyptian people are changing there behaviour towards animals cause this is sad and also a shame for the Egyptian society.

  21. Rose says:

    I do praise your organisation very highly for at least trying to save and treat stray animals and will certainly do as much as I can from Australia to help.

  22. Rose says:

    There needs to be some Egyptians willing to lobby the government to create animal welfare laws. How hard can it be to actually draft legislation and employ animal law officers. Why should it be left to just a few kind hearted souls to save the poor lives. Its very shocking and upsetting to a westerner or non-Egyptian to hear how animals are treated there. It just shouldn’t happen. The people of Egypt need to be educated in this manner. I’m sorry to be preaching from the other side of the world but its time that it gets into the 21st century and start treating its animals with love and respect. The rest of the world will certainly not stand for it.

  23. Maya Saeed says:

    Dear ESMA team,
    thanks alot for your project..we realy need it in egypt… for animals and for us…maybe it helps the mercy back to our hearts..anyway, i’ve maltese teacup femal ..i love animals and um in alex…if you need any help here or .. i don know what ever i can do just contact me….thanks again

  24. bella says:

    IT is truly a sad thing that people in Egypt don’t understand the concept of being good to animals. I’m an Egyptian girl who gets laughed at a lot when trying to help a poor animal on the street so this animal society like ESAMA makes me realize that there is still hope for animals in Egypt.

  25. LILIANE says:


    I am happy to know the existence of that organisation in Egypt. I lived in Egypt 29 years and I was always sad to see how animals suffer in Egypt. Donkeys, cats and dogs living in the street are suffering too much.

  26. shreif says:

    i contacted mrs noha about Julie i really want her but the proplem i have is that i need the cat to be shipped to me but no one contacted me back untill now and i will pay for the shipping fee to the shipping company when they deliver the cat please someone reply me on my phone no. 0105206688 Shreif Reda

  27. Shirley says:

    Congratulations for all your good work to help the animals in Egypt. I was very sad about some of the things I saw when I visited the country, spoilt my holiday somewhat. Keep up the good work please.

  28. Neumann says:

    we can not good english.we are crying for your dogs!!Thank you for your work to the animals!!This Nation is not good to the animals!!This is cruelty-abuse and must be stopp with kastration!This dog mehwar is wunderfull and beautifull Dog.
    Please look hier is germany Flugpate-portal

    This Petition is in germany too!!
    we wish you and your animals god luck!!

  29. Phoebe Fu says:

    Thanks God! In Egypt, there are people like you. I come to Egypt with my husband in these 2 months. I am really sad about the horoble scenes I saw on the streets of those dogs and donkeys. It is tremedous shock to me! I even avoid to go out of my hotel. I will try to visit you or meet you to see if we can be of help.

  30. Tracie Dziagwa says:

    Just a quick note from an American recently back from a visit to Egypt. I know there are many homeless animals in the US and many groups work to assist. The need (at least to me) was much more apparent in Egypt. My heart broke and I have wept over the few things I saw. I sent a donation from my spoiled pups in Chicago to the animals of Egypt. Hope to visit ESMA on my next trip! Keep up the good work!

  31. natalie says:

    hi , i leave in Egypt and i would really like to volunteer to help … is it possible ?

  32. Adam Kittel says:

    I would just like to report animal cruelty by Sytze Boomsma and Hoda Mansour who live in El Gouna and run the Clubhouse, they left my dog outside my house for 2 days without food or water tied to a tree. They did not inform me of their intentions. I was in Cairo and only happened to pass by my villa, and to my shock and horror found my dog. I dread to think what would have happened if I had taken a trip overseas.
    Adam Kittel

  33. nathasa says:

    Hey everybody,
    my name is Natasha, me and my boyfriend are here in Cairo for some time and I was thinking to adopt an pet, but I am not sure for how long we are staying here, so, unfortunately, I would be heartless not to think about that pet if we have to go home to Serbia… I truly adore animals, and I would really like to visit your shelter,….Could you please give me your address if it is okay for us to come and bring some food or help somehow…
    I also must say, you are doing an incredible job on this planet of ours.
    Keep the strength.
    Thank you.

  34. Marie says:

    Dear ESMA Team,
    thank you, thank you, thank you -for the work you are doing!!!
    Having lived in Sinai Egypt (mostly Nuweiba/Tarabin) for four years as a little girl I experienced the incredible hardship animals often suffer in Egypt. I have had poisoned dogs die in my arms and have yelled at people who were throwing stones at them. These things have truly impacted my life! One day I know for sure I will return to Egypt with the necessary (financial) resources and finally be able to support your work to the extent it deserves.
    Since I had to leave my own little dog-family behind 11 years ago I have not forgotten the many wonderful creatures who have given so much to me when I was growing up; they were my playmates and loyal friends and I cannot wait to be able to give back to them! (Until then I am helping their relatives over here in the U.S. :))
    One of my childhood dreams was always to open up my own animal shelter in Egypt so I am incredibly happy that you guys are there doing this important work!
    Thank you so much for being there,
    I wish you all the strength, endurance and willpower in the world and know how difficult this work is at times!
    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  35. samantha says:

    hello!! iam coming to egypt in a week from america and would love to come visit! i run something like a small shelter out of my house here in new york. i would love to help in some way! please email me back!! thanks!!

  36. Sonja says:

    Hello Mona,

    just wanted to say hello from Germany. It´s been a while since I sent you a message from Tina. I am sure you remember. Tina is doing very well and is happy and healthy as ever. She is with us since three years, now. And we are thankfull for every day. I´ll promise to send you new pictures with her in the next days.
    Hope you are doing well and it would be nice to hear from you, too.

    Best wishes from Germany

    Sonja & Tina

  37. Bianca says:

    I was eagerly waiting for this site to go on-line again. Hope you will have a lot of success!!!

    Let me tell something:

    I’ve visited this shelter because I spent some time in Cairo and I wanted to make up my own opinion about ESMA. (As there are always idiots who say that sites like this only want to raise money and everything is a lie.)

    So let me tell you, the work they do there is incredible! We spent about 1,5h with the cats and some of the dogs and I have only met animals there who were so nice and trusting and they really love humans!!! They are all eagerly waiting to get adopted, you just have to look at them for one second to find this out! You would find a friend for every, if you adopt one of these poor little guys! You could see that people working there do everything to give the many cats and dogs a pleasant home, but there is always a big lack of money and help!

    If you cannot adopt an animal, then at least try to raise some money or visit them and bring them food and stuff they urgently need! It doesn’t have to be much, I also couldn’t give much, but every pound can help!

    I have photos about my visit online:

    I wish this shelter, its animals and its workers all the best and I pray that you will raise a lot of money to achieve your goals and find a lot of people who give your animals a home full of love!

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