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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!! Air Berlin will no longer transport kennels for free

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

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Since April 14 Air Berlin no longer accepts empty animal transport boxes free of charge as they used to do as part of their animal welfare contribution. Now the cost is to be 25 Euro per 5 kg!

As a large box weighs about 11 kg it will probably cost 75 Euro. Now it will even be cheaper to send it via DHL.

This is terrible news for all animal welfare organizations abroad, which, because of the many desperate cases they have to deal with, are already operating at the brink of their existence.

Until now Air Berlin has been known as the most animal friendly airline amongst all animal welfare workers and we would very much like to thank Air Berlin for their support!

But we would also like to point out that most of us, as well as our friends and relatives have travelled with Air Berlin because they supported animal welfare! And this despite the fact that there are other airlines – like Ryan Air – with whom one can travel for a fraction of the AB prices!

I would like to ask you all to support this petition to Air Berlin, with the hope that they might reverse their decision!

Their support is crucial for the survival of various organizations whose members at times even have to pay for the journeys themselves due to a shortage of flight escorts.

Thank you very much!!!
Ursula Esterhazy

But it might even get worse:

In a letter to a flight escort the Air Berlin Service Center informed, that the boxes do not have to be booked anymore in advance, but a surcharge of 10,-Euro/kg applies automatically during check-in!
The respective mail is in our hands!

Buttercup needs a new home!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

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