ESMA wish list

It takes a lot to keep the animals fed, sheltered and healthy so your donation of any of the items below, whether new or used, can make a big difference in their lives. To arrange to drop off your donations at one of our collection centers or bring them to our shelter, please call Mona at 0122188823 or email We urgently need  any of the following items:

Comfort items for the animals:
(these can be old items)
Cushions and pillows
Mats, bathroom mats or rugs
Sheets and pillowcases
Old cat and dog beds
Hot water bottles (from the pharmacy)
Electric heaters (oil filled ones)
Old pullovers or sweatshirts  (especially children’s) for the dogs to wear to keep them warm at night
Thick plastic sheeting to cover the playground from rain and wind
Wooden or plastic shipping platforms/pallets (so dogs are raised from the ground when they rest)
Old cat and dog carriers / crates
Old dog houses
Wooden shelves or old bookcases
Collars and leashes

Food items:
Dry food for cats, kittens or dogs
Canned food and pouches for cats and kittens
Canned food  for dogs
Cans of mackerel and tuna fish
Baby cereals
Gerber baby food (chicken and veg)
Royal Canine Intestinal dry food
Skim milk in cartons
Stainless steel dog and cat plates and bowls

Cleaning and Laundry items:
Hand sterilizing soap
Shampoo (any type)
Handwashing powder
Liquid soap
Kitchen paper towels
Strong garbage bags
Brooms and scrubbing brushes
Plastic wash bowls and tubs
Old newspapers
Wire wool
Dettol hand soap
Old plastic supermarket bags

For our Vet Clinic:

Cotton wool
Cotton buds
Paper towels
Betadine lotion
Surgical gloves (available at pharmacies)
Syringes – all sizes (available at pharmacies)

Items from our lists of regularly used medicines and clinic supplies (we can supply anyone with a list)

Plastic storage containers


If you or somebody you know is in the hospitality business, ESMA can benefit from taking unwanted materials when the hotel renovates and upgrades, and also items like bedding and cleaning supplies that need to be replaced. ESMA can arrange to pick these items up from any hotel or restaurant.

Foodstuffs near their use-by date such as :
Vegetables, especially carrots and potatoes
Meat/chicken and fish
Tins of fish like tuna and mackerel
Cartons of milk
Rice, Oil, Salt, Vinegar
biscuits, bread, cereals
Cleaning products that are near their ‘use by’ date of any kind, even if half used.
Toiletries that are near their ‘use by date’ especially soap/shower gel /cotton wool buds/cotton wool and shampoo
Old appliances- washing machines/fridges/freezers/dryers/water heaters
Remaining toiletries left in rooms after guests leave,  especially shampoo/shower gel, soap, Kleenex, toilet paper
Old carpet when replacing with new,  to use for our animals to sleep on
Old kitchen utensils/pots/old cups and glasses, especially plastic and metal
Old curtains (to keep our dogs kennels warm at night and net curtains to stop flies entering)
Any kind of plastic sheeting for protection from the elements
Old fans/heaters
Old plastic shopping bags of the kind that guests leave in rooms when leaving
Old furniture of any kind
Old sun beds and the cushions
Any kind of bedding sheets/pillows/pillowcases/quilts/blankets/towels/bathmats/robes
Wooden or plastic platforms (pallets) that come with items shipped to the Hotel
Old newspapers