Flight Parenting

Flight Parenting…

We need flight parents! We have many contacts willing to take one of our animals if only we can make their flight arrangements, so if you are able to take an animal abroad, please contact us!

ESMA needs people travelling to and fromEgypt who are willing to be Flight Parents for cats and dogs adopted by people outside of Egypt.

Here is how it works:

  • A Flight Parent flies with the adopted animal on the air plane and gives the animal to its new family at the end destination.
  • ESMA pays for the cost of flying the animal.
  • ESMA gives the Flight Parent the veterinary papers which the animal will need to board the plane and enter the end destination.
  • A Flight Parent’s only responsibility is to be an escort to the animal.
  • The animal’s new family should meet the Flight Parent at the end destination and take responsibility for all custom procedures.

Currently ESMA has a high need of Flight Parents going fromEgypt to:

German cities: Frankfurt – Cologne – Hamburg – Hanover – Dusseldorf – Dortmund – Stuttgart

US in the following areas:

  • Chicago
  • NY
  • Boston
  • Wisconsin
  • L.A
  • San Francisco


  • Amsterdam


  • Vancouver

If you are interested in being a Flight Parent and uniting cats and dogs with their new families, please contact Mona Khalil

Email: mona@esmaegypt.org marking the subject.. Flight parent and the destination airport.

All the animals and staff of ESMA thank you for making a huge difference in the lives of rescued animals and eager new families :-)