Garfield, male, sterilized, lost one eye due to abuse. He is shy and lost confidence in humans. He might not be a super friendly cat but he has a very warm heart for other cats and if life has been cruel to him why should he be deprived of a home?
This is Hanna-she was found poisoned in the streets of Cairo. Thankfully she is now recovered and ready to find a loving home. She is a bit shy as if she understands that humans were the ones responsible for her abuse, so she needs time to get assured that the person in front of her is ok.
Lollita , female, 3 years old she knows she is beautiful. She is very affectionate and loves humans. She was rescued from poison that cost her mother her life and she was bottle fed by us. She will make a great pet for any family.
3 years old Margi was a surprise to our member Margo who found her on the streets of Zamalek inside a box, with a gold necklace and a blue palm pendant around her neck. She has been in the box for 3 days one of the porters in the area said, she was not used to regular food but she devoured the dry food when Margo offered it to her. This was not a street cat, this was either lost or abandoned. For a couple of hours Margo went from building to building checking with people if someone lost his cat but there was no response. She took her home with her and made posts around but no one claimed her and she came to ESMA. She prefers to be the only queen of the house, very proud of herself and loves attention. She will make any owner very happy. She is sterilized and fully vaccinated.