I came to my foster moms home as a kitten with my twin sister who looked exactly like me, but unfortunately I lost her three months later although our foster mom did her best to save her. I have been very sad since then and lonely. Can you help me find a home? I am not even two years old.
Tamara, Roro's sister
I am Tamara, I have been thrown together with my brother RORO in front of our foster moms home, without him even ringing the door bell for someone to know we are there. We heard dogs barking from inside this house and a door open 5 minutes later. They immediately picked us up and went inside to show us to a lady who was very nice to us from the first minute she saw us. This was our foster mom Bahra. Please help me and RORO find a home together.
Roro is Tamara's brother: "Tamara told our story. I am very very sad because our original family did this to me and Tamara, especially that I am deaf. Please help me and Tamara find a home together."
Samy and Lily
This is Samy with his "stepdaughter" Lily - her mom is Nina, her father is a ginger cat...
Nina and Samy
We are Samy and Nina, we have been living as a family, but Nina got pregnant after I got castrated from a ginger cat, in our foster moms home.Nina gave birth to Lilly and Sam and I really consider them to be my kids. Of course we know it could be difficult for us to get adopted together, but if at least each two would go to the same home, we would be really grateful. We have been abandoned by our family after living with them for six years only because we were very playful. Please help us find a home till we get old and die there.
Lady Diana
I am just one and a half years old. I was living with a family in the past that didn't treat me very well. One day they decided to throw me in the desert, imagine, in the desert. I was horrified, and didn't understand where I was, but all I could see was just sand, no water no nothing. I kept on crying so long and kept on walking and walking for days, till I arrived to a high way that had so many cars that were driving very fast. I was really scared cause I didn't know where to go, but kept on walking at the side of this road. I was really starving and thirsty and had already lost so much weight. After another more day of walking I was very dehydrated and started loosing hope, and heard some foot steps running after me and trying to call me, but I didn't look back because I thought I was imagining. Suddenly I felt being picked up and it was real. It was my foster mom Bahra who did that. I have been living here with her for 6 months now, but I know she has so many cats and would like to find me a forever home cause I am a cat that loves attention. Could you please help me find that?
I am Malek.After what I have been thru, I decided I would like to send a message to all those cruel people around the world, wishing it could change only a bit in their inhumanity towards us. I am now a three legged cat because of you, and I am sure there are millions around the world that suffered as much as I did and even much more. To all of you who have no heart, or those who have hearts full of hatred, you will never be happy or content with your lives, we feel so sorry for you cause unfortunately we are much purer than you. We know how to love and how to forgive, and we are sure that you will never reach that feeling as long as you live, because you only know how to harm. We have all the right to live a decent life just like you. May god forgive you, and bless all those angels he sent to help us.
For those who know Semsema, I am her mom. I am Sinai, for those who don't know the meaning of my name, it is the name of a desert in Egypt. My family decided to get rid of me cause I got pregnant from my lovely hubby that I miss so much, cause they decided to keep him but not me. They blamed me for getting pregnant which I really found very strange. I am now living in ESma and waiting for someone to fall in love with my photo and decide to adopt me.
I am Bill, 8 months old, I have been rescued by my mom Bahra after my original mom couldn't keep me because she was very sick with cancer. Please help me find a new home.
I can't believe it till now that my original mom sent me and my beautiful brother to be thrown in a club. As soon as we arrived, my brother was really scared, thank god a nice boy saw us immediately and took us to the horse stable where he kept us in one of the horse boxes. My brother couldn't take it and decided to run away, I have never seen him again. Now I am in my foster home - I am just 11 months old and waiting for a new family to adopt me, please help me find it.
Garfield, male, 3 years old, sterilized, lost one eye due to abuse. He is shy and lost confidence in humans. He might not be a super friendly cat but he has a very warm heart for other cats and if life has been cruel to him why should he be deprived of a home?
This is Hanna-she was found poisoned in the streets of Cairo. Thankfully she is now recovered and ready to find a loving home. She is a bit shy as if she understands that humans were the ones responsible for her abuse, so she needs time to get assured that the person in front of her is ok.
Lollita , female, 1 year old she knows she is beautiful. She is very affectionate and loves humans. She was rescued from poison that cost her mother her life and she was bottle fed by us. She will make a great pet for any family.
1 year old Margi was a surprise to our member Margo who found her on the streets of Zamalek inside a box, with a gold necklace and a blue palm pendant around her neck. She has been in the box for 3 days one of the porters in the area said, she was not used to regular food but she devoured the dry food when Margo offered it to her. This was not a street cat, this was either lost or abandoned. For a couple of hours Margo went from building to building checking with people if someone lost his cat but there was no response. She took her home with her and made posts around but no one claimed her and she came to ESMA. She prefers to be the only queen of the house, very proud of herself and loves attention. She will make any owner very happy. She is sterilized and fully vaccinated.
Ping and Pong
Ping and Pong, brothers of Ocheen, were found in the garbage when they were only few days old. Some hard hearts could snatch us from our mums and throw us away, as we are the boys we are super playful, love chasing balls and love food too much, just like our sister we were bottle fed by ESMA mum Bahra who took care of us with other kittens and dogs so we are not afraid of dogs at all. We would love being together if possible.